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Training tests for Zend PHP5 Certification

screenhomeThese tests allow you to evaluate your level of knowledge in PHP before you submit to any examination of Zend PHP 5 Certification.

They will also provide an analysis of your results by theme to guide your revisions to the topics where you are least efficient.

The big advantage over the tests provided trainings on the Zend site is that you have our tests in French and in English as in the certification examining Zend PHP 5 Certification.

These tests training address the same topics as the actual exam while respecting the real exam conditions witch are:

 - 70 questions per test covering all topics listed on the page Tests Informations

 - 90 minuts to answer 70 questions

 - The opportunity to revisit the questions you would like to think again

Also unlike Zend entrainnements site, you can access to answers questions and additional informations on the topics to optimize your revisions and allow you to focus on areas where you are least efficient.



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